Our History



Mr. Kato, known to be one of the most influential start up consultants in Japan, is the Chairman of YKBK Enterprise Private Limited.With 55 start up companies under his excellent leadership in various fields, he is a well known businessman and a hardcore taskmaster.It was Mr. Rohit Bakshi’s interest in the sport of basketball and business that brought Mr. Kato to India in 2017 and since then there has been no looking back. Known to be a visionary, Mr. Kato is committed on building a rock-solid and long-term relationship between the Japanese and Indian companies. With 3BL, he aims to acquaint the youth of India with the endless opportunities in the sport of Basketball.



Mr. Rohit Bakshi, born and raised in Japan, is an entrepreneur and is the CEO of YKBK Enterprise Private Limited. He has been the driving force behind the idea of 3BL. His unmatched love for the sport of basketball, took him to various continents and exposed him to various enthusiasts over the globe.Being a professional basketball player himself, till the year 2016, it was during his visit to India in the year 2009, when he saw the amazing basketball talent in India.The extreme potential, poor opportunities and impressive skill-set determined him to establish a professional setup in the country that could foster elite competition and lay down a professional career path for the aspiring youth.